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MSP Partner – Secuvant

MSP Partners

Ready to grow your business and begin offering cybersecurity solutions to your clients? Learn why Secuvant is the best partner to work with.

Partner With Secuvant

Secuvant™ is a leader in the cybersecurity and risk management industry, offering a comprehensive managed security services to organizations built upon people, process, and technology. As the cybersecurity industry changes more rapidly, organizations are needing a managed services provider (MSP) that can offer them system monitoring and management to detect and protect them from a potential cyber threat.
Secuvant can offer your customers a broad range of security solutions and managed security services. By partnering with Secuvant, your customers can enjoy 24/7 protection without the investment and time it takes to set up their own security operations center (SOC) or hire hard-to-find security experts.

Benefits of MSPs

Increase Your Revenue

​​Secuvant is turnkey SOC-as-a-Service you can add to your MSP services portfolio. Not only will you generate recurring security revenue but you will enable more MSP opportunities while establishing yourself as a trusted advisor.

Competitive Advantage

You will be able to provide Enterprise grade services to small business customers to protect mission-critical applications and services. You can show tangible value to your clients with cyber security monitoring services.

Go To Market Quickly

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars building your own SOC and SIEM services. You can partner with Secuvant and start adding revenue and value to clients immediately.

Why Secuvant

Cybersecurity is a highly sought-after service from organizations looking to secure their clients’ data from security threats and cyber incidents, a service that managed security providers (MSPs) can’t provide. Partnering with Secuvant™ will now allow you to start offering these services to your client base, without the hassle of creating your own security operations center (SOC).

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