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At Secuvant™, we believe your business should drive the type of cyber security precautions you take. Our programs are designed around a methodology and process that ensures your primary business drivers and mission critical areas are where our concentrated efforts should be. Helping you determine those areas is fundamental to our process.

About Our Services

Executive Risk Workshop

You know what the success of your company depends on. Our workshop helps you know how and why cyber risk is business risk.

Gap & Risk Assessment

This gap risk assessment ensures you and Secuvant know exactly where attention must be concentrated and why.

Plan Creation & Review

Our team of business and security professionals develop a plan aligned with the specific operational and brand assets that matter most to your success.

Plan Implementation

The people in your organization that know the fine details of your process can work in tandem with the team assigned to your program. Together, we implement for success.

Security Monitoring

With network and security monitoring, the best laid plans will eventually be compromised if not effectively monitored and tended.

Incident Response

Through our new relationship with Eide Bailey, we can now offer incident response, e-discovery and data forensics in the event of a breach.

The Secuvant Cyber7™ Difference

As part of the cyberGRA workshop process Secuvant gathers input from all parts of the business to determine priorities for the cyber security program. Through this unique Secuvant exclusive process, companies find out how to align the business with IT and cyber security that allows for real actionable steps.

What Secuvant Clients are Saying

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