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The Secuvant Cyber7 Approach – Secuvant

The Secuvant Cyber7™ Approach

Mapping business goals and objectives to cyber security risks and programs

Cyber Security: You are Doing it Wrong

Most companies who want to address cyber security start with operational and tactical security controls. They purchase technology from their favorite vendor with the promise of risk reduction, and getting their security strategy from a solution vendor. This will always yield a recommendation to purchase their tool to solve the problem. When you sell hammers, everything looks like a nail. The best place to start is not with the tool it is with your business mission and goals and with Secuvant’s Cyber7™ business alignment methodology.

7 Steps of Cyber Risk Management

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Brand & Reputation

Customer trust is paramount in business and your brand represents that trust. If you experience a breach it will impact your customers, your reputation and revenue. In addition, corporate values, mission and integrity may take a hit if not managed correctly.

Legal Liability

A great majority of the effort and cost of a breach will come in the form of legal help to address a breach. This may include the cost of cyber liability insurance, risk assignments, crisis planning, public notifications and more.

Data & Intellectual Property

Some businesses focus on protecting data as their security strategy only to find that it is only a part of the overall program, however important. This includes confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, classifications, data loss prevention and overall control of critical information.

Compliance & Governance

Compliance is not security but it is a critical business objective. Each business has a different focus depending on market segment, physical location and even philosophy. This also includes the cost of audits, both internal and external, and how a business’s operations function.

Business Disruption

Ensuring that systems and operations are available for use is critical for continued operations, and a security event can impact all your employees and partners. Consideration of how a security event could affect uptime includes disaster recovery, business continuity and backups.

Cost of Remediation

Is your business prepared for a breach? The costs of recovery put 60% of small business on their deathbed. This area includes cyber liability insurance, crisis management and planning, awareness, restoring systems and awareness.

Business Enablement

Did you know that you can use cybersecurity strategies to increase your revenue? You can. If you have ever had a prospect ask you about your security controls in order to give you their business you know what this means. This area enables users, customers, partners, sales and can differentiate you from your competition who may not take security seriously.

Aligning Business Objectives to Cyber Security

All cybersecurity planning and goals need to be driven by business objectives, after all cyber risk is business risk™. A cyber breach will impact a company in many ways from Human Resources to Sales and Finance. In addition, business objectives need to be prioritized in order to address them in the most efficient way possible. The Secuvant Cyber7™ method helps businesses prioritize business objectives so that the security strategy will align with these goals. The seven areas that all security goals can map to include:

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